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I have a Google Pixel 5, an Indian sim and US sim. While I'm in US, I'd need Indian sim only to get Indian bank OTP's.

With Pixel 5 being dual sim dual standby, I'm thinking of using e-sim and a physical sim, but have this doubt regarding calls/sms.
I'm aware I can switch on/off sim that I need data from. What about calls/sms?
Let's say I keep US call/sms active, will i get Indian sim's sms's while US sim is active? Or would I have to switch the sim configuration everytime to get Indian sim sms's?
@kuduku I see you use e-sim. Can you please help.


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I use Airtel eSIM in Pixel 3XL . if you switch off eSIM/physical SIM SMS/data will not work
As Pixel 5 is dual SIM so u can keep US SIM In physical & keep Indian in eSIM . Use data of US SIM and u should be getting Indian SIM SMS
U dont need to switch off any SIM .
Pixel3Xl was not dual SIM so cant help you more in actual dual SIM usage on Pixel 5