FS: Home Audio Video Edifier S730D Gaming/Home Theater Speakers


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5 out of 5
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Mar 1, 2013
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Local buyers only
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  1. Yes
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Reason for Sale
Selling since I am moving abroad.
Selling since I am moving abroad.

Have been used only for occasional movie watching.

Comes with all accessories incl. optical cable, remote, control panel, speaker wire etc.

These sound incredible, please read reviews of this online to get a better idea.

Would like to avoid shipping as its very heavy.


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wish i could get these from u but i recently bought a pair of jbl 305 and miss the subwoofer


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Bro, my friend wanted to take this off you, but was put off by what seems like dishonesty...

I offer my most sincere apologies

if I am mistaken. I genuinely mean no offence, but I have been disappointed with the way things have been going here and do not want TE to lose the charm it has.

You are saying it is two years old,

View attachment 94171

I was a little taken aback, because I purchased a similar unit several years ago (along with an MX5021), from CTC, and a little sleuthing revealed this

View attachment 94172

I have never done stuff like this before, but I would have loved for her to be able to enjoy this. I am still willing to take it off, but I would love it if we could be plain here.
Hey man,

You are right. It was indeed purchased in 2013. I left to the US in early 2014 and the speakers have been sitting unused since the last few years until I came back in Dec 2019 and got stuck here due to covid. I honestly didn't think much of the purchase date since they were out of warranty anyway and put some random date in. Only after you posted the screenshot do I realise how much older this is. There was no malice intended as I just didn't remember the purchase date and thought buyers wouldn't really care about it on an out of warranty set of speakers. I will update the post with the right dates.
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Hence my apologies before hand. And my apology still stands! And it is unconditional!

Thank you for restoring the faith of all of us!

If you are still willing to deal with me, Please let me know. If not, I understand, and I would say no foul, because I raised the stink.