Energenie Power Meter - Kill-A-Watt for India!

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Energenie Power Meter


Technical Specifications

Voltage: 240V ac 50Hz

Maximum current: 13A

Maximum load: 3120W

Typical power consumption: <0.5W

Product Code: ENER007

Measuring Ranges

Voltage 200-276V AC, +/-0.5%

Current range 0.005-16A, +/-0.5%

Power range 0.1-3680W, +/-0.5%

Accumulative electric quantity range 0 -9999.9kWh

Frequency range 45-65Hz

Clock accuracy +/- 1 minute per month

Internal rechargeable, non-replaceable battery
General Features

1. Display current clock.

2. Display line voltage.

3. Display line current.

4. Display line power.

5. Display peak line power.

6. Display accumulative total electricity usage.

7. Display total on time and total electricity usage.

8. Display line frequency.

9. Display power factor.

10. Adjustable max. overload current, max. overload warning.

11. Adjustable price / kWh.

12. Display combinations of days or blocks of days.

Product Website : Energenie - Energy Saver Plug, Automatic Power Supply Shutdown Device, Bye Bye Standby, Power Killer

Product User Guide : http://www.energenie4u.co.uk/userguides/ENER007_Energenie_UserGuide.pdf

Reason for Sale : Ordered one extra

Condition : Brand New

Expected Price : Rs 1250 shipped



In Action :)

The first one is my Seagate Dockstar with a 2.5" Hard Disk connected and 2nd one is my Wireless Router. :p



drinks like a fish
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Vivek if I order this seperately via Aramex, how much would they charge me? 5GBP+ how much?


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HailStonE said:
Payment done... :)

Received the payment. :) Will ship it tomorrow by DTDC.
m0h1t said:
Vivek if I order this seperately via Aramex, how much would they charge me? 5GBP+ how much?

I bought it from here -- Energenie Power Meter (R.R.P. £10.99) - £5.95 : Ion Originals Ltd, Trade Store

It came to 17.5 GBP for two incl VAT and Local Shipping. It was less than 0.5kg so Aramex shipping cost came to Rs 510. But the customs duty was 24% and even though the receipt showing 17.5 GBP was there in the package, the assessable value was put as Rs 2000 and duty amount came to Rs 530.


Techie The Grandos
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I am thinking of ordering 1-2 units for myself as I have UK Aramex account, anyone interested??
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