ETMoney App


Hello Guys,

Just wondering if any of you guys here have used the ETMoney app for investeting in MFs or such. I would like to know if this app is safe to use. The Reviews on the Appstore look likes a mixed bunch.


I am not sure whether it allows you to buy mutual funds as it is not associated with any bank, MF platform or fund houses. However, you can use this to track your portfolios - pretty neat interface. If you are especially tracking direct mutual funds, it will help you organize. Never enter any folio specific information, just your units and dates. You can also make multiple portofolio to keep paper tracking, like for example, if you believe that certain set of mutual funds are promising and want to kepp track, you can enter information and track it for sometime. After 3 months if you think,it is working well, you cqn buy those funds from direct fund houses and update your original portfolio