External usb amplifier for my Oneodio headphones


I bought a Oneodio headphones some time back. Though the sound clarity is great and they are a lot better than the generic ones I use to buy before, they lack bass. A friend suggested to buy external amplifier to get more bang for buck instead of buying a new head phone all together. I need some suggestions, considering this is my first time.


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Bought those exact same headphones for my sister if its the one that costs around 2K. They're not bad at all, they are indeed pretty good. But take this with a pinch of salt as i'm no audiophile like some people here but i'm not too sure as to how useful getting a 5k+ amp for a consumer level headphones (and they are) will be and if you will see any significant improvement in sound quality. And i'm surprised that you say that the bass is not enough, the headphones were bloody booming when i listened to eminem's without me (that beat!). Hopefully someone else with more knowledge can give some help here.

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What's the output impedance of the headphones? I highly doubt an amp will boost the bass (the bass boost option in cheap FiiO amps completely destroy the sound).
Don't spend 5k to drive a 2k headphones!!
Give it a mid bass boost of 2dbB or less in EQ if you want more bass.
Don't mess up sub bass frequencies, the drivers possibly won't respond.
As Rezep already pointed out, these are already bass heavy, don't waste money on a desktop amp unless you plan on upgrading the headphones soon.
Use Foobar on Windows if possible, it has a good transparent EQ which doesn't apply any compression. Consider using ASIO4all as your default audio driver in Windows and configure it properly in Foobar.
How much are you ready to spend?
Come on buddy!! Don't guide him to the rabbit hole...@ OP, if you're enjoying music with your present headphones, use them till they break.
This is a very dangerous hobby!!
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Come on buddy!! Don't guide him to the rabbit hole...
Ha ha ha. Lol. I only wanted to tell him to get the fiio e10k. But looks like it's out of stock. Btw, I bought the fiio q1 1st gen 5+ years back @₹5k and run <4k earphones/headphones on it. I know it looks dumb (people gave me weird looks when they heard the cost of the dac) but it does make a big difference to the sound. Windows is a bloated mess of drivers and no matter what you do you won't get the output of a standalone dac from it.
Makes even more sense to get a dac if FLAC or alac files are the majority of your music files. In Linux, I had to change config files of pulseaudio to get close to dac output. Plus you can always use a portable dac with anything having usb or 3.5mm audio out.

My headphones all have torn earpads so I'm trying to make my own earpads soon. Currently using my 20 year old Sony ₹400 earphones with the dac now. (─.─||)

₹5490/- fiio e10k. I'll probably buy this next year.

Edit: what type of music we listen to also makes a difference if we need a dac. If all the OP listens to is Bollywood or Pop music then he doesn't need a dac.
Such mass produced music has everything maxed out to sound good even on any earphones or headphones. If he listens to Western classical or instrumental music then he would require a dac and some monitor headphones. This is just my opinion and everyone can disagree with it. (•‿•)
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Everything you said is true. Fiio Q1 mk1 is not available anywhere. I don't want to buy the mkII due to the requirement of the special adapter cable which does not draw power from Android phones.
Fiio should have given it in the box along with the lightning to USB C cable.
Windows audio is indeed a giant mess. Setting up a DAW and a basic interface correctly is a huge PITA.
My cheap tiny DAP thankfully works as a USB DAC with Windows 10 laptop, it's pretty good considering the price.