Extremely Rare! Lenovo P330 8th Gen Tiny - Barebones DUAL NVME SSD Slot with PCIE Riser!

Forgot to update the thread here.

Ordered and paid for two units
(P330 + riser) x 2
(P1000 + 230w) x 1
(i5 8500 + 170w) x 1

Units have been shipped, delivery awaited.

Will test and update the thread accordingly.

@Mann what you are talking about is for M720q not P330.

P330 officially supports both T and non T CPUs. And there is no power limit or thermal limit or issue running a non T CPU.

There is no issue running GPU and CPU both in the P330.


I doubt that but to be sure I'll check it by myself.
Paid for one, shipping details shared.
I doubt that but to be sure I'll check it by myself.
Paid for one, shipping details shared.
Will be shipped tomorrow.

Page 1 has a brief overview video, page 2 has the cpu support list.
Yes, this was my go-to reference as well.

I'm not sure if it has a power envelope of more than 100w (same as the p720)
From what I found, You are free to run a non-T CPU without any problems. but someone on one of the Lenovo forums mentioned that you need to specifically run a T CPU if you are running a GPU, so the power is split evenly, and also recommends at least an OG 135W adapter.

similar thing is confirmed from @ibose reference site:
Yup, I used this for reference as well.

@aasimenator, the unit has arrived but I'm yet to receive my miniDP cable off Amazon. Will test and confirm.

It doesn't display out via the HDMI header if the GPU is active. Maybe there's some setting that I need to change (IGP vs other).
You could have told me i would have sent a converter along with it, anyways no worries you can test it out and let me know later
Order was delivered and units are working fine.

Config 1:
i3 8100T (self) + P1000

Runs pretty good, max temp is 80C on p95 + unigine.

Config 2:
i5 8400 - runs good enough

Thanks @aasimenator, the units were very well packaged. Will trade again.

I'll leave a feedback and if possible would request you to do the same for me.
!!!Back in Stock!!!

Lenovo P330 and Quadro P620 2GB Graphics

Also available P330 with 1 x Quadro P1000

DM me if interested,

Now providing standard 90 Days Testing warranty on all components sold along with the P330.
Does this apply to units sold in th last month or so (retroactively)? :p
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I wish I could, this only applies to units sold from the date of the message posted.

These things only apply once vendors gain trust with the purchaser.... i have been buying a lot of stuff from them for the past 6 months, and gained new vendors and business relationships, this is sort of their commitment towards me and i am just passing on to members.
I am setting up my first homelab, and this is exactly what I am looking to buy.

I assume these are barebones PCs with the exception of the mentioned GPUs. If so, do you also provide other components?

The final batch of Lenovo P330
4 of these have the option of a Quadro P620 2GB Graphics
1 of these has the option of a Quadro P1000 4GB Graphics
1 M920X with the option of AMD RX560 4GB Graphics

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