Facing Screen Flickering issue on AMD RX 580 Gpu?


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Hi i am using RX 580 since last 1.5 years.
My PC specs are :

Intel I5 - 4460
Kingston 8GB DDR3 RAM
Antec VP 500 PSU
AMD RX 580 Gpu
Windows 10
Sony Tv

I am facing this issue from last two days. I am facing screen flickering from last two days. Screen is flickering on normal desktop usage. Screen flickers the written text so i can't read any written text. I am facing flickering while playing videos and on browsing internet. Screen flickers alot when i play a video so it is almost unwatchable and in the browser it flickers alot so i can't read anything written text on the website.
One thing to notice that when i play games on my pc it doesn't tend to flicker. The games run fine. Sometime text in the games flicker but there is no other problem. When i change the system graphics to integrated graphics the PC works fine. There is no flickering when using integrated gpu.
When i tried turning off the hardware acceleration in the vlc and firefox the video and works fine. It does jitters but still watchable. But the problem is i can't turn off the hardware acceleration in the system. The display option in the control panel is not available. Is there any way to change the registry.
What could be the problem. Is there is any problem with my Gpu or it is a software related issue.

I have tried changing HDMI cable.
I have tried reinstalling the Gpu drivers by using DDU uninstaller.
I have tried restore windows to a earlier point but it doesn't works.

Here are the pics i am attaching related to my issue.

Please help to resolve this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

View: https://imgur.com/gallery/EF2snFJ

View: https://imgur.com/gallery/mNsW4yi

Nitendra Singh

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Check GPU refresh rate.
Try this GPU card on any other system of yours or friends.
Send it for RMA if in warranty.