Few of the old stuff !!!

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First is the display card MSI 8800GTS (with orignal box and all the cables and cds)
Price -> SOLD
Second is the Cooler Master Gemini II heat sink (orignal box and both amd and intel mount also)


Price -> 1000 (shipped),800 hand picked from me

Third is a car accessory Flasher with 4 bulbs and they are not local ones they are very bright (no box but all the wiring is there)

Flasher in action...YouTube - Max 4000 strobe kit


Price -> 1400 handpicked , 1500 shipped
Fourth Onkyo Book Shelf speakers Model D-F700 (No box )


Price -> 4500 handpicked;5000 shipped

Shipping will be extra (sorry few things are heavy stuff)


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How old is the smartpower?

What connectors does it have? ( i am in office and cant view the pics right now).

Please keep on hold as i m seriously considering it.
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