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1. Kingston RAMstick 2GB DDR2 800Mhz

Product location - Kolkata

Purchased on - August'09

Product condition - Excellent.

Warranty - 2years from date of purchase.

Price : SOLD

2. XFX GTS 250 DDR3 1GB Reference Card.

Product Location - Kolkata

RMA'ed on - 22/09/09

Product condition - Excellent

Reason : Want to upgrade to a slight better card .

Warranty - I am confused on RMAed slips .. since date of purchase it should be 6months left.

Price :SOLD can TRADE for ATi5770 with some cash from my side.

3.IBall LASER precise Speedster

Product location - Kolkata

Product condition - Mint ,never used as got a razer salmosa just within a week .

Warranty left - YES Absolutely.

Price : SOLD

REASON : Need fast cash for a fast upgrade.Kolkata Buyers preferred for the graphics card.Prices negotiable through PM only.

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withdrawing card from sale....
actually those were taken earlier .... anyway I will send the details to the buyers when my exams end ..its about 2 weeks :| sorry for the delay guys ... I will try in between if i can ..thanks for cooperating :D
Guys I got a offer and exchanged the RAM and one of my present HDD for a 1TB HDD ...so consider the RAM sold.... i have the mouse on hold for CA50 ..will make the deal asap :)

Its cool mate currently i have got an optical mouse and it is not that good while playing CS or Quake III, so just want to have the taste of a laser mouse, BTW my current mouse is 3 yrs old and i have repaired it couple of times;) (the mouse buttons went kaput)

BTW when will your xam end
Got the mouse, its working fine :)

Did you get the money?

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EDIT: itrust submitted :)

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EDIT: itrust rating submitted :)
My sister didn't update me on the money part yet :p but anyway I suppose it will be there :D and iTrust rating added :D nice dealing with you bro
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