FS: Video Card For Trade with 3060 TI only [Sealed Zotac RTX 3070 TI Amp Holo unregistered on email]

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Expected Price (Rs)
Shipping from
Noida Extension
Item Condition
Packed Brand New
Payment Options
  1. Bank Transfer
Purchase Date
Jul 12, 2021
Shipping Charges
Local buyers only
Have you provided two pics?
  1. Yes
Remaining Warranty Period
5 years
Invoice Available?
Reason for Sale
Will upgrade CPU and mobo as well with the saved money
Prepaid for this card 7-8 days ago as I liked the price. I know it's a bit high but still better than other cards that I eyed.
Received the card today and you can see the bill is of today's date as well.

To be exchanged with strictly with 3060 TI plus cash as I am considering upgrading my CPU and mobo as well.

Was trying to get a 3070 first but it was not available at good price, then tried 3060 TI but couldn't find it in stock at much places and wherever it was available, it was double or more than double the MSRP.
Borrowed some money from my brother to get a 3080 TI at 1.4 lacs but before I could place the order, it also went out of stock on that site. So when I came across this card, paid it right there so I could secure it but as I already mentioned, my first priority was 3070 and not this card, I have put it up for trade.

The thread is open for 1 week only. If there is no deal by then, I will register it on my email ID and start using it.
Also, I have shown the price that I paid. Please don't make ridiculous offers. If I like your offer, I will just tell you, if I don't, I will let you know then as well.


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Wait why have you censored the store's name? It calls into question the legitimacy of the invoice, if the store name isn't visible.
Thanks for pointing out. Should have posted in the original thread but better late than never.

The original bill can be shared with the prospective buyers if they ask. And if they really are interested, they need to show the pics of their 3060 TI with their name written on paper with current date and their offer so I know that they aren't just messaging without the intention to trade.
Won't be sharing the bill with everyone but only those genuinely interested.
Fair thing I guess.
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