Free GameLoft Games for Android


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No you have not mistaken, neither have I :eek:hyeah:


Click on free game, enter Country, Carrier, Manufacturer, Model and your Phone number in pop up.

They send the link to you via push msg so enable push if you have disabled them.

Enjoy while it lasts, not all games are free.

source: xda-devs


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Hmm, why does it say "your device is not compatible with buy one get one free. Please try later" :( What am I doing wrong?

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ryanrulez4ever said:
Thanks for sharing mate , didnt get push message yet :( keeping fingers crossed

You'll be displayed with a download link once you click next after entering your phone details like

Me too didnot get the push messages but those links worked.

Thanks madnav for sharing


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Grt.. got the three games for my Cappy.. also got the sms with the links to download them.


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I dont understand why even big publishers like Gameloft dont care about app permissions, just have a look at Lets Golf 3D's permissions not only it wants to read my contact data but also want to send and receive SMS messages. This is so lame why does a game need such permissions