Free games for PS3 users. Is this applicable in India?


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As a part of their welcome back program, Sony has announced 2 free games out of 5 games for all PSN users in North America.

Here's the list of games.

PS3 (choose 2):

•Dead Nation
•Super Stardust HD
•Wipeout HD

PSP (choose 2):

•LittleBigPlanet PSP
•ModNation Racers
•Pursuit Force
•Killzone Liberation
Now my question is, is this applicable to Indian PSN users?
I have a console in which I have saved the CC info on an Indian account, purchased through a digital coupon from a US account. So technically is it possible to download 2 different games from these 2 different accounts making it 4 free games?


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I think it is possible but you will have to switch profiles to play the games.

BTW have you been able to access the Indian PSN store? Been trying since last few days through Media Go but no success. :(


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No luck. I had to cancel my card and get a new one. But I was able to change the password of these 2 a/c's. The master a/c is a UK a/c in which I have never purchased anything. So was not able to change the password in PS3. But when I went online to change it, that site was also taken down.