Free Giveaway * Philips Shaver Philishave HQ 5812 *

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Hi buddies , I am having this Philishave Shaver lying around .

Model :- HQ 5812

Link :- Philishave HQ5812 Micro+ Mains/Rechargeable Shaver: Health & Beauty

Condition - Less used ( Cosmetic Condition 9 / 10 )
But as of now ITS DEAD . The light is getting turned ON but after turning the switch ON , its not working , Might be batteries would have drained out .

Date of Purchase - Sometime back in 2009

Price :- Free :D , Just pay me for the shipping and i will ship it to you .

Someone who needs it , and can take the trouble of opening of screws and check up with the batteries , motor etc can surely take it .

Pics :-





sudeep_hm , was the first member to contact me , so have given him paymnet details .

Will wait for him till tomorrow , if he does then ok , Else will pass on details to you Punker
Anubhav dude, you had something like this to give away, and you FORGOT ME :(

Anyways, it's alright. Really nice to see someone making such an effort to create a thread for a free giveaway.

Nice one Anubhav....+rep ;)
sudeep_hm said:
Please wait for me to transfer...:)

Money Received and Shaver Shipped Today .

Docket no. sent to you through SMS .

Confirm when received :)

@ ALL - Thanks for appreciating my effort .

And really sorry for others in line , as had to wait for the first buyers reply , so couldn't reply you guys on time .
One thing i would like to tell as a small care on INDIAN

i am not discouraging it as a BAD BUY but i would like to tell this is a shaver and used by someone and is not safe to USE by another person.
Received the shipment. Nice packing.working on AC power.To prithvi46 and manusag thanks for your care, But I know How to sterilize it.Thanks Anubhav for your kind support in getting the shipment.
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