Free stuff : External modem, Tintin book, Magazine copies : RD + NG

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Well, I am true book lover and hence hate to give books to Raddiwala. Would TE guys staying at Pune like these books? All of them are free but absolutely no shipping.

1) Internet and world wide web (3rd edition) :cool2:

Authors : Deitel and Deitel, Goldberg

A great thing about this book is that it teaches all technologies related to Internet and WWW in great detail. There have dedicated 3 to 4 chapters each to technologies like HTML/DHTML/Javascript/PHP/ASP.NET/CSS/XML. A complete reference for sm1 getting accustomed to Internet. This 1500+ page will be an especially good read for a budding web developer.

2) About 30 copies of Reader's digest magazine. Mostly from last 5 years.

3) 8 copies of National Geographic magazine (mostly old)

4) The calculus affair - original Tintin comix - not in the best condition but readable (no pages missing) :cool2:

5) An external modem (Microtek) - was working last time I checked. Comes with an adapter and a data cable. Know that ev1 uses Broadband nowadays but anyways, sm1 from the rural part can make use of it.

All the stuff must be picked up from my place at Pune Satara road. :hap2:

Check photos here.
Picasa Web Albums - 10612906698962425... - ItemsForFree

Lowballers die plz! :rofl: Sorry, couldn't resist that! :ashamed:
gr8 post
mods please make it sticky
hopefully will hav another category for these free stuff
I hav many free stuffs tooo
mostly books
Holy smoke, Tintin in tatters. :O

I want 'The Calculus Affair'- will try and restore it as much as i can. :)

Will get it picked up, hopefully.

And which Nat Geo copies do you have?

Please PM me your contact details. :)
cool_dude please pm me your details man, if its cool i ll come and check out the magazines and the book. interested in the internet/world wide web book and the nat geo mags. i live close by, do let me know. cheers! :)
Calculus affair is by far the best story of the series if you ask me.

The two part stories prolly scores with others but Calculus affair is a complete package.

And Tintin in Tatters..??

You deserve some lowballers.. :mad:

+1 for sticky idea.

Something like Free Giveaway Books.
^We already have a thread by the name Giveaway thread initiated by gmano in the General section. About time we bring it to the Market section and sticky'fy it. Had already told the mods back then but seemed to have skipped their attention. :)
Very much interested in Nat Geo books...

But, not in Pune...
Hopefully, will be visiting Pune in a month.. if so, would PM you for the Nat geo magz...
@khushalvyas : modem is yours if Mihir doesn't pick it up!

@ashvarybabul : well, if they aren't picked up, they are yours!
mihir.khatwani said:
Got the modem Thanks cool_dude and some awesome hot coffee to

YAY beat you to it Khushalvyas
Mihir, an iTrading rating perhaps? :ashamed:

@Bikey, when is your fr picking up Tintin?

Called a few times yesterday evening and today on your off. number- no reply. :S

Tintin for sure. :)

Nat Geos too if my friend doesn't mind the extra baggage. :ashamed:

YGPM. :)

update: you inbox is full. cannot send PM.
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