Friend Lost Indian passport in Paris


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My friend travelled from London to Paris and her passport got stolen.
Could someone please let me know what should be done after getting the Passport from Indian Consulate.
I mean she would have to get the VISA Stamped to travel back to london, how will that be possible.
Also contacts in Paris, for any emergency would be most welcome


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Afaik, in such cases, she has to contact Indian consulate or embassy and they might be able to give her duplicate passport.


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^^ Like Mr.J said Kontact the Indian Embassy at the earliest. They will provide a temp travel letter and a new passport can be obtained after reaching India.


One of my friends who was doing his MS in the UK was in a similar situation when he lost his satchel containing the passport, money etc. I'll ask him and find out what was the procedure he followed.

EDIT: Sucks. He's traveling to India and may not have access to net. The response may come a bit late!


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Thanks everyone, she has been to the Embassy and has been given a new passport too, now she has to apply for UK visa and wait after that...... @Gannu - let me know the process once you are able to contact ur friend..

Thank you all..... appreciate the response
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