FS: 160gb PATA 7200RPM + 250gb SATA II 7200RPM

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hey ppl

i would like to sell of my Samsung PATA 160gb 7200 rpm drive having 4 years warranty left and HITACHI deskstar 250gb 7200RPM SATA II drive having warranty of 4years+3months.

will sell it for total of 4000 rupees

let me know if intrested....
and plz dont crap the thread !
ia m in if your selling the 250 GB SATA drive separately ..tell me what will be the individual cost will pick it up from your place..
if you need it , then only say somethin. As i clearly mentioned only peep's who are interested can post and no crapin.

your expert comments are not required.

henceforth , take rules under consideration.
can you please post the individual prices ?? i am seriously interested in the 250 gb one..
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