FS: 2 Gb DDR 400mhz, TTBT, EVGA Nforce 4 SLI mobo

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Have few things up for sale.

1. EVGA nForce4 SLI
18 months old.
Inbuilt 8 channel audio and LAN
Supports dual core Athlon 64FX and all 939-pin Opterons and Athlons.
Have been using it with my Opteron 170. Easily ran 2.45ghz stable 24x7...can go bit higher...
Price: 2,000/- shipped
2. Transcend 2gb DDR 400mhz RAM with Samsung UCC chips.
18 months old.
(2sticks of 1gb)
Rs. 2500/- Shipped

3. Thermaltake Big Typhoon
18 months old.
Heatsink dimension: 122x122x103mm
6 copper heatpipes
Fan dimension: 120x120x25
Price 1200/- shipped ------------SOLD
Aniruddh said:
Any warranty for those transcend ram??

Well, says lifetime warranty embedded on the stick...
Have one copper heat spreader. Will throw in that free:p
Hey guys, The deal is almost through with SauravR for mobo and RAM, but incase it doesnt go thru Il bump this thread. Thanks very much for ur interests :)
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