FS: 2 X 1 GB transcend 667mhz

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2 X 1gb Trancend Value Ram 667mhz

bought it for my cousin, but that bugger already has 800mhz ones for himself.

package opened once but never used.

will provide original bill and will do free shippin.

bought 5 days back.

pm me ASAP if u need one/two.

plz no crappin in the thread... negotiations can come in thru Pm`s
PRICE DROP TO 1800 bucks
can you post the pics dude. like to see the stuff first then only i can decide to buy it. may be i can buy both of them if they run pretty well with my mobo and processor i have amd athlon 64 3000+ & MSI RS482M4. i think it supports DDR2 till 800mhz. wht u say..?
@ Trader123

are u trying put ur leg in beetween my Selling thread !!

and plz can u enlighten us where we can new brand rams for 900bucks each.....

... and one more thing

what is so funny about it ? they even got sold to HMASALIA (who has enough knowledge about stuff he purchases)

so better avoid such silly things..
sushantV said:
Dude i bought a set for me in 1900 bucks....cost to cost.....delhi.....Nehru place.....

I am sorry, i got two 1GB DDR2 667MHz for 900 each.....total 1800/-.....

Sorry for the typo in the previous post.
I can confirm that the price is Rs. 900 - Rs. 1,000 per stick in Nehru Place. I just bought 2x1GB of Kingston 667 DDR2.
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