FS: '2x' Thermaltake 120mm Blue LED Smart Fan

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Item for sale: Thermaltake 120mm Blue LED Smart Fan

Link: Thermaltake 120mm Blue LED Smart Fan

Quantity: 2

Condition: Brand new, unopened/untouched/unused

Price: Rs.780/- shipped per fan

Reason for sale: Buyer backed out- no use for me as of now- need cash for other commitments.
Moral of the story- Never hold stuff for anyone and always get paid first even if you hold it.:rofl:

Other comments: IIRC, one of the fastest LED fans, VR controller or temperature probe controlled smart fan or full speed with jumper on.
3 pin to '4 pin molex+rpm sensor wire' convertor included.
Good enough specs even for use with heatsinks.

Price is cost to cost as shipped from Sidewinders and Rs.60/- local shipping.
Check this>
(1) Funky's post updating on Price per item and other charges
(2) Funky's post updating on duty levied

Note: shipping may take some time as i have to fetch them from funky and he is quite unwell as of now and i wouldn't want to disturb him unless he is in a condition to speak to me.:cool2:

Update: Some people are getting Scythes for decent rates- those who want these fans may consider that before comfirming here.:hap2:
I am just confused if anyone truly wants these or not- everybody who PMed me was in the above dilemna.:p

One can also get new Glacialtech 120mm 85odd cfm, 4 multicoloured LED fans with transparent body at lamington road for Rs.400/- only.
A tad noisy but does a good job for its price.:D
Some say i am a fan(h/w in general) Pimp but I really do not want to pimp my stuff- only interested in selling to those who will benefit from it.:)
well, these fans start making a 'Woooooooooooooooooo.....' kinda humming noise somewhere after 2.1-2.2K rpm and the included fan controller is great- quite touch sensitive to within 30-50 rpm or so, fits into PCI slot opening of cabby.

At about 2K rpm , i speculate that they should do about 78 cfm and better pressure than usual 120mm fans and almost silent- as my Thermaltake Thunderblade 120 is rated 78cfm at 2000 rpm.
I had one on my Big typhoon and at 2K rpm , i couldn't hear it over ambient noise or with case closed post midnight when its quite silent.

Warning: these are bright and with my case on its side, the fan on the TtBT was enough to light up the ceiling above in a dark room.
Two of these in one case and who the hell needs ccfls that might go bang.:rofl:
I have snipped off tHE LEDs in the fan i gave to my friend as he was bored of his case LED fans- that fan is being used on an Ultra120 AND IT STILL WORKS FINE.:p
I will update this thread on the availability after i speak to Funky- and i don't want to bother him with it till he is absolutely fine.:(

I spoke to Vivek and since he is getting scythes for a decent rate- i offered him to back out.
He was just being very gentlemanly becoz of his committment and maybe thought backing out didn't seem nice.

Kippu and Mohit are next as they want one each.
People are welcome to reconsider for any reason and i won't have any issues with it.:cool2:
Fans are still with Funky Sir- don't want to bother him for some more time.
He was way more seriously ill than what most comprehend.:(

It is Kippu, Mohit, a non-TE frnd, Baasha, Ero- Sannin in the queue- in that order.

Will check with them and if they have arranged for something by now due to the delay :ashamed: and are not interested anymore- Jesal is next i think.:cool2:
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