FS:8800GTS 320MB + HR03+ Cooler (G80)

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Selling my 7 month old Gigabyte 8800gts 320mb along with a thermalright HR03+ cooler.

Perfect condition comes with manuls cds game 2 dvi-vga convertors and original cooler unused.

card has been flashed to 700mhz core and 2000 mem and get a 3dmark06 score of 12500

warranty details? frnd might b interested.

EDIT: also, price without the fancy cooler? or is it not stable after the flash?
got from US so no warranty.

I got the orig bios so if u want to go to default 513/712 u can flash that back but the prob is removing the ram & smd sinks from the card.
So will be selling as bundle only.
got a offer of Rs5500/- from my dealer.
If ne one need it or can better this price please let me know in a day or 2
Not open for further replies.