FS: AMD 64 (939 pin) Cpu's 3000+, 3200+, 3500+, 3700+

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SOLD to RAJ404
AMD 64 (939) 3000+ @ Rs. 2150/- Purchased 30/5/2005 #ADA3000DAA4BP Series LBBLE 0517DPMW

AMD 64 (939) 3200+ @ Rs. 2350/- Purchased 4/3/2005 #ADA3200DIK4BI Series CBBFD 0441MPMW

AMD 64 (939) 3500+ @ Rs. 2850/- Purchased 20/1/2005 (In use)

AMD 64 (939) 3700+ @ Rs. 3000/- Purchased 20/6/2005 (In use)

Will provide CPU with HSF and Xerox copies of Bill. All purchases made in Mumbai and all CPU's have balance warranty.

I also have 2 Asus A8V-Dlx Motherboards purchased on 20/1/05 and 31/3/05, with Balance warranty available. (ONE MB SOLD TO FRIEDCLYDE)

Each board at Rs. 2450/- + Shipping

Mumbai Buyers preferred, All items are currently being used so buyers can come and take a test drive before buying.

Selling because my renderfarm has migrated to AMD X2's and C2D's

Edit: 6/1/07 6pm. I have just the 3000+ Cpu remaining and this will have to go with the remaining A8V Dlx board. ALL SOLD

Interested parties PM or Post here.
i think u made a mistake with this

AMD 64 (939) 3200+ @ Rs. 3000/- Purchased 20/6/2005 (In use)

think its suppose to be the 3700+

I am interested in once cpu and one mobo...where are you in mumbai pm me ur msn please
O man... when the hell did these items go up for sale...... aaargh... i can't believe my luck... and is this board a a8v-e deluxe.
OMG 517 DPMW.... for 2100 bucks is a steal!!! Thats the best AMD64 stepping ever :p. Someone pick it up....
damn even i didnt see..same settin i had...quad tried it till 2.9ghz i guess....

yupa steal deal free bump
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