FS: Antec UV green Cable wrap, TP-LINK 8-port 10/100M Switch

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[strike](1) Item for sale: Antec UV cable wrap (green)[/strike] (SOLD)


Link: Theitdepot - Antec UV Cable Wraps-Green
Condition: sealed pack- still glows. :)
Warranty: dunno about warranty but have UV, will glow. :lol:
Reason for sale: A friend had picked up a few from 'theitdepot'- one bundle left. :)
Price: Rs.400/-
Other comments: Price quoted is low- was pricier when purchased iirc. :)

(Never found a mention of this anywhere- but SLB front grill is UV reactive blue. :eek:hyeah:

Just the sealed pack- the loosed UV wrap, UV ccfls, etc not for sale. :p) )[/strike]

(2) Item for sale: Matrix 3.5" IDE HDD external case (gifted to geek ashish)
Condition: Not totally new like but in a fairly good condition.

side screws might need replacement.

On/Off switch is a bit recessed and used fingernails or some pin to operate it- later left 'On' full time. :ashamed:

Warranty: Non-DOA and 7-days testing personal warranty.

Reason for sale: Had asked a friend to get me a SATA one- IDE- purchased quite sometime back but sparingly used- no IDE drives left. :p

Price: Rs.250/-

Other comments: i don't recollect using it for the past 8-9 months or more. :p

(3) Item for sale: TP-LINK 8-port 10/100M Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch SF1008D
Link: TL-SF1008D
Condition: More than a year old but never used- Brand new- sealed pack. :)

Check original thread for more details. :p
Warranty: No warranty- personal non-DOA and 2 days testing warranty. :)
Reason for sale: Bought from andrew327 while buying one for a friend- never knew why and still dunno why :lol:. Idle since purchase- selling for cash.:p
Price: Rs.380/-
Other comments: No box- Comes with the AC adaptor.

Original sale thread- http://www.techenclave.com/market/fs-3-pcs-brand-new-8-a-102615.html


Not interested in shipping this as of now, esp as Mumbai couriers cos. acting weird again- only local buyers. :)
if interested in shipping the HDD external case, then will be interested, nah, on second thought will purchase it for sure.
thebanik said:
if interested in shipping the HDD external case, then will be interested, nah, on second thought will purchase it for sure.

Sir, with shipping via DTDC, it might cost you as much as a new one locally. :)

That is the main reason fo not shipping it. :cool2:

idea said:
YGPM for Matrix 3.5" IDE HDD external case

YGPM too :)- awaiting your positive response. :p
No idea what Mr.idea has in mind. :p
Added TP-LINK 8-port 10/100M Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch SF1008D. :)
Rdit not refelcting in thread title- mods please do the needful. :)
Hungry bump. :p


Messa too hungry now; :drool2:

:ashamed: Not crapping the thread; :|
Bikey i'll call u tomorrow most prob....will talk abt the external casing at that time....

[OT]edit : im at work right now :S its almost 2am :no: my shift got over at 11pm :no: but still stuck doing something :no: PM box is full , too lazy to empty it out + u would not be able to call me cause i got rid of my sick BPL connection :mad: , its unbeleivable its been a month on my new connection and i havent informed 'anyone' of the new no. as well...damm so lazy , but ya those irritating marketting calls started from the very second day WTF , i dint even give my no. anywhere.....:mad: :mad: ...will call u tomorrow evening from work :mad: damm gotta be back here in 12 hrs....i hate this :mad: :mad: :no: sorry for the long OT....so frustrated........[/OT]
true_power said:
is the switch manageable thru TCP ?

What is that?? :O

I mean i have no idea of these things at all. :p
Try PMing andrew327- he might have an idea.

I will try checking up on the same and report here later. :)
^^ the question is, can you assign ip addresses to the ports/switch, routing, etc.. on the switch thru your browser. or does it work like a hub but the company prefers to call them switch ;)
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