FS: APC 800VA Backup Series UPS

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Insanely Awesome!!
Selling off my APC 800VA Backup series UPS.

Purchased in Sept 2006 so still got about 9 months of warranty on it .

Could handle upto 540 Watts max and comes with a CD containing the drivers and powerchute software , a Cat 5 ethernet cable, Cord management straps, a Telephone Cable and a USB cable for interfacing with the PC.

More Detail : Back-UPS RS 800VA 230V India

Current market price for a new unit is around 5.4k

I recently got it replaced so the battery is as good as new, gives me about 27min backup time at 165watts load on my system (check out the specs in my rig gallery)

Here are some pics ...
Guys, I'll have to check out the shipping options since I havnt shipped anythin so heavy so far ... will let you know by evening

In the meanwhile any Mumbai buyers ??
^ I wouldn't mind road transport also, try Gati, they have door pickups, do get back to me since I need to finalise the purchase after my blown UPS.
Not open for further replies.