FS: Big 7300 GT

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I am putting up my BIG 7300GT DDR2 for sale
I got the card on 8th Sep 06 for 5.2k so its just about a month old and has 3 yrs of warranty remaining....
Have the Original bill ...the box and the accesories(which rnt opened yet)..

The card if factory clocked at 400/800 (core/mem)

Reason for sale : Had got the card as a temp solution till i could get the 7600GS

Price : 4k + shipping (Mumbai buyers prefered)
Anyone interested just PM me....Mumbai guys can check the card at my place..

Price dropped to 4k :D
I was thinking about a 7300 GT-But BIG !!- but now that XFX 7600GS is down to 5.6k in NP Delhi, will go for that. Wraith U will now have to make ure price realistic to sell this 7300GT.
Price drop to 4.7k for the 7300GT

@vijayshimla : wats the source for the price on the XFX 76000GS coz its still 8k at Lamington Rd...
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