FS: Brand New PS3 80GB with DS3 Controller & Games

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Product: PS3 80GB with Dual Shock 3 controller

Condition: Brand New, got this as a replacement for my 40GB PS3. The 40GB has been phased out so I got the 80GB with dual shock 3 controller. Its only opened to test, as the service center is an hour away from my place of residence. All cables and accessories are sealed.

Please Note: Its a brand new retail pack replacement. That means that all the items including the console, controller and cables are new and never been used !

Warranty: No warranty. It just expired on the 3rd of March 2009. But the PS3 80GB is brand new and unused as its the replacement for the earlier 40GB PS3.

Reason for sale: No time to game.

Price: Rs. 17,000. Taken into assumption that a new PS3 80GB from US costs 400USD + tax + shipping = ~450$ = ~Rs. 22,000
Shipping Details
1. Shipping costs to be borne by the buyer according to the choice of the shipping company and the destination.
2. Products shipped will not be my responsibility.

3. Products will only be shipped once the complete payment has been realised.
Contact Information

Best way to seal the deal is to call me.
Mobile: 9987510793 Mumbai number


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Guys...........price drop of Rs. 2000 !!..........

Now @ Rs. 17,000 for a brand new PS3 80GB with dual shock 3.....!!!!!!


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budy when u bought this stuff ??

cant v get extended waranty??

bcoz if any thing goes wrong then it will cost bomb for repairing ps3


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Extra warranty is only sold by Croma. Sony doesn't sell it that too you need to buy extra warranty only when the console is in warranty

and if you are selling the DS3, please put me first in the line.



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@gaidu........as mentioned before my warranty expired on 3rd March 2009.

Well, as far as I know, the only problem the PS3 has faced is the spin of death aka SOD....i.e. the drive doesnt read discs. It can be easily fixed for Rs. 3000. Many members on GI can confirm that.

Besides the above problem only happened with the 40GB and the 60GB SKUs which had the 90 nm RSX as opposed to the recent 80GB which has the 65nm RSX. Try gooling for complaints based on the 80GB PS3 with the 65nm RSX and you will find none or very few, at least I havent come across any.

@NeXT & Hellgate.....want to sell the whole bundle and not in parts.

@NeXT, shipping as per actuals.
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