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Well guys got a Real mean machine for myself few days back ....... so wanted to sell of items of my other old rig !!

1: Compaq Presario cabinet along with 3 svivel
colour panel: 600/- rupees . this one has got a real brand value which
it does maintain due to its Excellent build quality and a good size and a real
appealing Look. :)

2: Blues Cabinet (one month old): 600/- rupees. i used this baby before
yesterday .... i got myself an ANTIBIOTIC... its good and may be scores
over ANTIBIOTIC in terms of build quality and looks sophisticated :yahoo:


3: Ibox Grabbit (one year old): 600/- rupees... used it for one year and still it
is ROCK solid. a perfect grabber and a good carrier of ur components while
on move for gamin competitions or some good lan Party :cool2:


4: JBL Desktop Speakers (Compaq One`s): 500/- Rs The name is Enough.
this are pure desktop speakers and if u hav an compaq MV
series monitor u can add it as an attached speakers !! this also comes
along with 3 svivel colour panel


5: Navtech 400 watt SMPS(one year old with 2 yrs
warranty left): 150/- rupees... well it ran like an stallion till i succumbed
myself to the growing needs of my rig and bot a powersafe... its worth
the buy
Preferred buyers location: MUMBAI
Contact me @ 9833262926 or dingemini312@yahoo.co.in/gmail/msn
The Compaq cabinet you mentioned with colour panels does it look like this ?

Also what all colours panels you got ?

I am sure it is screwless fittings but just wana confirm if the mounting of drives screwless.

Would you be selling that cabinet alone ? Ple check your PM :)
My cousin has the same compaq cabinet he bought about 4 years ago. Well it's not screwless. The drives are mounted vertically in the bottom front of the cabinet on a metal tray(imagine them just below the white power button inside). IMO It's difficult to frequently change the drive configrations. You have to unscrew the tray to get to each drive.

I can say that earlier Compaq models had very good build quality(before they started making everything in China). This cabinet reflects the compaq build. A bit too small for today's PCs though.

The changeble purple and green front panels(he has those colours) are also nice. It has two front side USB ports to the right of the floppy drive with a door closing them.
Yes ... I have seen it with at my friend's place, your right about drives they where mounted vertically just infront of the intake space (if at all u have good intake fan it can cool da HDD too). But those are only for HDD, optical drives can ateast be mounted screwless.

Yeah infact I was impressed with the build quaility with da one I saw at my friend's place.

Just a thought does this caby has Windows XP OEM sticker ?:D
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