FS: C2D Rig

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guys i am going to singapore for 4-5 months and may be i will be there for more time. so i want to sell my entire rig.
purchased just a month ago. do quote me your prices and suggessions as i was not having anyplan to sell it so no fix price in my mind.

E6400 + Asus Ice cooler+AS5=41c Temp , Asus P5B Dlx-WiFi, Tran Jet-667-512 x2+Ram Cooler,x1800xt-512MB, Audigy 2 ZS Philips HiFi 805, Plexter 18x SATA-DVDRW , Segate 250GB+120GB, 17" Monitor, Creative 4.1

only GFX is from Udit. Audigy and 17 monitor is from my old system.
rest all is brand new and under warranty. one month old.

plz help me ......

(system overclocked only for testing purpose. running at default all the time. you can even check with pune guys. havent overclocked GFX at all.)
here is price update =

E6400 + Asus cooler = 13000
Asus p5b Wifi = 11500
Tran Jet Ram667-512x2+ RamCoolers(1800rs) = 6500
X1800XT-512MB = 11500 (from udit)
250GB + 120GB segate SATA-II - 6500
Plexter 18x SATA DVD-RW = 3500 (costed me 4900 just a week back)
500W Zeb gaming PSU = 2000
17" CRT = 2500

Total CPU = 53,000
keyboard, mouse, 12MM LED fans x 2 (costed me 900 each) free

would be intrested in selling entire system.


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sounds nice ... except i have no idea about the pricing ... can you come up with something and also if you want sell total or in parts?


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i think avadhut has left for singapore today ....so i think this deal is off ..still wait for him to confirm.

i know coz i bought the x1800xt :p


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sorry but i am in singapore now. came here for some urgent work.
so wanted to sell but no time now.

mods plz close this thread.

mohit - thx for quick deal. update traders feedback..
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