FS: Canon 350D (Rebel XT) body + accessories

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I have the following items for sale:

1) Canon 350D body with Canon warranty till [STRIKE]Oct 2008*[/STRIKE] Dec 2008!. Comes with original box, CD, manual, strap, charger etc.

2) Battery grip and 2 spare batteries. Opteka brand. Equivalent in look, functionality and build to the Canon BG-E3.

3) Wireless remote. Equivalent to Canon RC1. But this is better as it can fire immediately or with 2 seconds delay, comes with a tiny flashlight and fixes to the camera strap. Comes with spare batteries, mirror to fire the remote from behind the camera and extra holder.

Camera is in perfect working condition. All items located in Bangalore. Would prefer to sell locally as a kit. If someone is really interested, I can source a EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Mark II lens for around 2k more.

Thnx for looking. :)

Now, attached pics of the camera and warranty card!

[STRIKE]*note: The warranty paper is actually not stamped. I could ask my dealer if he is ready to stamp it at a more recent date. Not sure if this works, but the correct purchase date of the camera is Oct 2006.[/STRIKE]
good deal here, though did you miss the cf cards in listing...also what price for baterypack and rc1 for sale without camera body, in case if you are willing

if not you have a free bump:hap2:
Thnx titana...

Yes, Opteka battery pack can be fixed to a tripod and no I am not selling any CF cards :)

As of now, selling as a combo. If body goes, the rest if up for grabs.
Sunilyo backed up. Up for grabs again. :D

And I got the warranty stamped. Now warranty till Dec 08. Thats more than 6 months of warranty. Great offer for anyone upgrading from a P&S!! :hap2: :hap2:
Actually yes. Not me, but my cousin. He works in Pune and will be back after April 20th.

Right now I have a potential buyer. Will update you in case the sale is still open. :)
linuxtechie said:
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How much!!!



If you are asking price of a new 40D, I think its around 43k w/o bill. If you are asking for the price of my Rebel XT, please see original post. :rofl:
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