FS: Cooler Master eXtreme power 600W - Delhi buyers preferred

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Ok, i'll just keep this short and sweet.
I'm planning to sell my Cooler Master eXtreme Power 600W as i don't require that kind of power anymore (my 7900gt had died some time back + i've just put together a rig based on E2140 which takes very less power). It was purchased from Nehru Place, Delhi for Rs. 3800 in April, 2007. Bill will be provided and its still covered under warranty.

The PSU itself has just been RMAed under warranty and i've received a new one which is in pristine out of the box condition. The idiots however have lost my original box which i had sent the psu in so no box. Pics have been attached. I'll prefer local buyers since shipping this will be a hassle. As stated earlier this comes with bill and cooler master's warranty cover.

New one retails for 3500+. I've priced it very reasonably for a like new psu still under warranty. Offers by PM only please.
^^ Yes warranty is left. I don't know how much warranty cooler master offers (i think its 2-3 years) but the psu is just 10 months old.
It was RMAed bcoz it died :huh:
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