FS: Cooler Master Hyper48 HSF

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When I upgraded my previous rig to my current Intel quad set-up, I purchased Vivek Punjabi's second-hand Cooler Master Hyper48 HSF. However, I was too lazy to ever set it up :p and it has never been used after he gave it to me a couple of months ago.

So I've put it up for grabs. The price as mentioned is Rs 1,000 excluding shipping and is non-negotiable! So please don't both haggling. Those interested can contact me via PM or call me directly on
98201 17970

Here are some photos:

Okay Bump! And Price dropped to 500 Rs exclusive of shipping. It's wasting space in my house and I'm getting impatient. Hence the massive price drop. Hope someone picks it up now :)
Oops, sorry guys, I was a bit busy so I couldn't check on this thread. Okay the HSF is currently on hold for Bikey. But I'll keep you guys updated all the same.
longlife said:
how it goes to bikey?????????????

Becoz he is gifting it to me to gift it to a common friend and an absolutely genuine person. :)

So kinda like we share the 1K price half-half. :p
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