FS:Crucial Ballistix DDR400 1 GB RAM

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I am selling my Crucial RAM that were a part of my old rig. Got them as a present from my brother in the USA. They have never been overclocked as I am not well versed in that field.
Are in excellent condition as I used them sparingly.No warranty of course.They have taken whatever I have thrown at them. No problem at all.
Crucial Ballistix 512x2 184 PIN DDR PC3200

Price: Rs. 900+ Shipping at actuals. Delhi/UP buyers preferred. :)
I will get back to you on the RAM. :)
I was looking for 2x1GB low latency ones and have to give this a hard thought before committing to it, esp the price. :ashamed:
Some people were looking for inexpensive mobo+cpu combos and some for 939 mobos. here is one-
p.s. please edit the thread title- its Ballistix- for the poor RAM's sake. :p
LOL. I was half asleep when I put up the thread.:tongue:
You have a PM too.

@racy1: Will let you know the price of the Opty at the end of this day.
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