FS: Custom Water Cooling Kit

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Putting up my Water Cooling kit for quick sale @ discounted price keeping in mind i have spent more than 16k on it 6 months back.

this is all the stuff thats in the kit.

1.Swiftech MCP655 Water Pump
2.D-Tek FuZion CPU Waterblock
3.Swiftech MCW60-R Extreme Duty VGA Water Block
4.Swiftech MCR320-QP Radiator Black
5.Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Reservoir
6.D-Tek FuZion Nozzle Kit
7.UV Venom Green Tubing Coils 1/2 Inch
8.Extra Tubing, Fittings & Clamps

All stuff got from KMD and will come with retail boxes for most parts.

Mods not possible to upload photos in prescribed format as all parts in system right now.
Heh, what format? your nick, date and parts are visible. thats all we need and ask :p

Maybe take 1 more pic of rad and post. that should be enough.
keep it on hold, a friend of my is interested, will inform u in a 3 days time.

EDIT: it has two cpu blocks in it? i.e item 2 and item 6?
Item 6 is the Nozzle kit that is a add on for the Fuzion to improve CPU temps, it accelerates the flow of water hitting the main copper base of the waterblock, It works good with Quads.
alright thanks for clarification :)

Btw, any change of selling the components individually or must go as a bundle only?
approx 2k the MCW60 its less than a month old. comes with G80 adapter.

8K for the rest of the stuff if ne one is interesed please pm me.
Farookh sir, Item nos. 2 & 6 have the same links; :)

i.e the D-Tek FuZion CPU Waterblock;

Pl correct them ASAP;
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