Fs: Evga 8800gts Ko 320mb

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apsk121 said:
Interested, can you keep it on hold for me?

edit: forgot to mention I'll let you know by day after.
This is the Card:)


  • EVGA KO (1).JPG
    EVGA KO (1).JPG
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  • EVGA KO (3).JPG
    EVGA KO (3).JPG
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  • EVGA KO (4).JPG
    EVGA KO (4).JPG
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I will have to stick to the price the card was bought 1 week of Aug...vNerd is picking the card 2moro
Is it still up for sale? and it would be 13.5k shipped to mumbai rite?

Edit: Hey... could you let me know the OC potential of the card?
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