FS / FT : 200 Gb & 160 Gb & 320 GB HDD, ample warranty left

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160 gb (5MT0DXVX) (9W2934-370) expecting inr 1700 - SOLD
320 gb (5QF1JEED) (9BJ14G-305) expecting inr 3300 - NOT AVAILABLE
200 gb expecting inr 2000

all hdd are in good condition beign used in my system..... selling coz i want to upgrade to a larger hdd....

can immediately ship 160 and 200 gb but will take 2 days after payment to buy a bigger hdd and transfer the 320 gb before shipping.

contact : [email]Jayant.nandy@gmail.com[/email]
mobile : 9821405944

no low balling here please... pm/call for negotiated offers.... keep the thread clean....

ref : deltapage.com

Can trade for following +/- cash :
1. 1gb multiples of transcend / kingston 667mhz ram in warranty
2. am2 4000+ or above + mobo with onboard gfx in warranty
3. tv tuner vista mediacenter capable in warranty
4. dvd rw drive sony only in warranty (i am skeptic about the tray trouble)


1. 320 GB NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE. Keeping it, too much data to take backup
2. 200 GB have 2-3 negotiations going on, will give to the first one who confirms pay.


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just to clear all the pmed queries.... for mumbai buyers who can fix on some place to meet and exchange... i can waive 100 bucks off as i wont incur any shipping....

that apart... i dont think i can get low any further...


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hey jay hope u remember we fixed for 160gb do let me know how to proceed as u told me ur busy till friday so take ur time i am waiting i already pmed u


Das Layzeemeister
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whats the model number of the 320GB if you dont mind me asking?

secondly.. please PM me the final price you are looking for the 320GB.

thanks! im located in mumbai. If you are townside and the price is good, i can come pick it up.


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money recieved for 160 gb from delguy19... will ship the hdd in a day's time....

negotiation on for 200 gb, almost confirm, lets see...

320 gb no more available for sale.... keeping it...
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