FS : Graphics card

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Galaxy 7300gt is used and about 10 months old. Was thinking of keeping it as a backup card in case of any troubles but want to sell it off now as I am looking to get some money for HDD. It is a 256 MB version. Forgot to mention that this card is covered Nationall from Technology and Gadgets for full 3 years when I got. Didnt register it yet so the buyer can get the full benefit.

Final Price drop - 1.15k + Shipping

8500GT sold. 7300gt taken off as I will be needing a backup card for atleast 2 days.

If someone is really interested in that, please PM me for the same.

Reducing the price on 7300gt to 1400 + Shipping.
Have already mentioned about the memory as 256mb. Its a DDR2 Version.

350 Core and 333 mem at default.

Can be oced to 650 core and 445 memory.
Maybe we can have a deal for both the 7950GT and the 7300GT then, saves shipping. Let me know if it's possible.
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