FS : HDDs ; WTB : Proc+Mobo

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WTB the following stuff. Parts under Indian warranty preferred.

200GB or higher SATA hard disk - Rs2500

Samsung 48x16x48 CDWriter in very good condition. About 3 years old - Rs300 obo.

120 GB Seagate HDD SATA1 = Rs. 1300 each (No warranty left, but in perfect working condition) PRICE DROP

Buyer pays for shipping.

You can bury it in front of your house and put up a tombstone. And i sell tombstones too. Want me to send one along with the HDD?? If the tombstone comes DOA then you can bury it and put the HDD as a mark of respect. I thought I told you during the lengthy chat session that they are in good working condition and I can show you proof.

Updated 1st post with new price for the 120GB.

I will bother to show proof only if you are ok with the price in the 1st post. Im not wasting time if you are not ok with the price.

I had already told you 'I am OK with the price'.
But, due to your 'attitude' I am out from the deal.

I might be interested in the 120GB hard drives but I'm curious why there's no warranty left over. Are these hard drives over five years old? Let me know at the soonest.
@iosoft, The price we were discussing in the chat is different than the 1st post. Please take a careful look.

@tracerbuller, I think they were bought before the 5 year warranty was introduced. They have been well maintained and are working great. I will check again with the serial number and confirm.

Friend, if you don't give nDOA warranty, I am not buying even it is priced 100/-.

I have already told you, I can go for 1300/- with ship. Thats my end-price.
I have removed 'interested' and it is my last post here.... don't want to make a garbage.... so, if you agree with the price and nDOA warranty, do send me a PM (I don't use Yahoo!M).
Fine. I will PM you if im ok with the price you are quoting. And i can give u proof that its working before i ship. Thats all. Nothing more.

HDDs are in Chennai, so you can collect it there. Very close to my home. Drop me a PM and i will tell you the details. One 120GB on hold for you :)

PMed you.

consider my offer 'yar'.... still interested.

don't keep me in the queue..... none is showing real interest beside me.
Err...How do you know none else is showing interest? Are you reading the PMs i received? Do you know the people i talk to over the phone abt the HDDS? Do you think that people always post in the thread if they are interested?? And i effing told you that i will PM if im ok with your price. STOP BUGGING ME IOSOFT. Post/PM only if you are fine with the price i have told in the 1st post.

Money has been transfered to your SBI a/c at today 1:12 pm through Park Street SBI branch. Exact 1500/- without any charge on both side.

This is my 1st TE deal ;)
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