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I will be getting an Indiaplaza (Indiaplaza.in : Buy online at India's largest online shopping mall) Gift Certificate soon. The amount of the certificate is 2585/-.

Want to sell it for 2500/- cash as I don't really want to buy anything from them right now.

Interested people may PM me or post here.

UPDATE : I am also willing to trade it for a decent PCI-E GPU, good RAM, Thermalright HR-03GT, etc.


Redeem Indiaplaza Gift Certificates

Each gift certificate is given a unique 17 digit gift certificate number, which is printed / displayed on the Gift Certificate. You will use this number to redeem your gift certificate and pay for your order.

Please follow these steps to redeem your Indiaplaza Gift Certificates:

1. Browse through / Search the store and put your items into the Shopping Cart. After you are satisfied with what you have in your Shopping Cart, choose either the express or normal checkout options on the Shopping Cart page.

2. On the following page, give the shipping address and any gift message that you'd like to accompany your order.

3. Next, you will be asked whether you wish to pay for your order using Gift Certificates, FabMoney or Reward Points. Check the box to pay for the order using Gift Certificates and click on the Continue button. If you have a Indiaplaza Discount Coupon with you, you can apply the same in this step.

4. On the subsequent page, you will enter the 17 digit Gift Certificate number in the box provided. You can redeem multiple Gift Certificates for the same order. Once you have given the numbers of all the Gift Certificates that you wish to redeem; for security reasons, you will be asked to enter your Sign In password. Finally, you will click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page to confirm your payment by Gift Certificate and continue to the next step in the ordering Process.

If the value of the Gift Certificate(s) you have chosen to redeem is more than the order amount, the excess value will be placed into a Gift Certificate account created for you.

If the value of the Gift Certificate(s) you've chosen to redeem is less than the order amount and you do not have any other Gift Certificate to redeem, then you must pay for the remaining amount by either using any of the multiple payment options available at Indiaplaza.

You can access your gift certificate details / redemption details by going to your My Account page, and then clicking on View your Gift Certificate Account Link.
YOU CAN COMBINE MULTIPLE GC's to make a purchase. I will be giving the 17 digit GC number to the buyer. Thats it.
Oops, just read this :

Terms of Use of Indiaplaza Gift Certificates

1. Gift Certificates can only be redeemed at Indiaplaza.in : Buy online at India's largest online shopping mall.

2. A Gift Certificate account will be maintained for each Gift Certificate issued by Indiaplaza. The account will provide details and redemption status.

3. In the event that items bought on the store by redeeming Gift Certificates are returned, the amount of the returned goods will be added back to the Gift Certificate account.

4. The Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.

5. If the amount of the order exceeds the unused amount of your gift certificate, you can pay for the balance amount by using any of the multiple payment options available at Indiaplaza.

6. If the amount of the order is lesser than the amount of your Gift Certificate, the excess amount will be placed in the Gift Certificate account.

7. Gift Certificates and any unused portions of Gift Certificates will expire on the date mentioned on the certificate. Each Gift certificate is valid for 90 days from the date of its issue. In case of Gift Certificates issued for a promotional cause, the validity period of the same can be reduced depending on the promotion.

8. Indiaplaza Gift Certificates are non-transferable.

9. Indiaplaza Gift Certificates issued by email are mapped to the email id's to which they have been sent. These gift certificates need to be used only by a registered user who has submitted this email id while registering at Indiaplaza. This is done for security reasons to protect your gift certificate from being misused.

10. Indiaplaza reserves the right to modify the terms of usage of Indiaplaza Gift Certificates at any point without prior notice.

Cancelling the order and locking the thread for now.

Opening this thread again. I now have 2585/- in my giftmate account and I can purchase an Indiaplaza certificate for anybody who needs it and send it to their email id.

Will sell the certificate of 2585/- for 2500/- (slightly negotiable)
just in the other thread I got GCs worth rs 2750 for 2k :)
Lemme know if u can offer something like that

I dnt think i can work out since u haven't ordered the vouchers yet and it takes arnd 2-3 days for the vouchers to come in email
^^Will let you know. Price drop to 2.2k now for a gift certificate of 2585/-

EDIT : Ya it takes 2-3 days to come but the advantage is the buyer will get it in his email id itself. And ya you can always call the Indiaplaza number and they do provide you with the GC code once you order a GC. So it should take like 24 hours after I place the order.
UPDATE : I am also willing to trade it for a decent PCI-E GPU, good RAM, Thermalright HR-03GT, etc.

GC is on hold for ashu_dps, Gaurish in the order of priority. ashu had pmed earlier and mostly the deal will go through with him.


I will let you know if the deal does not go through.
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