FS: Leadtek 7900GT + 2x 1GB Transcend DDR400MHz 3-3-3

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1. Leadtek 7900GT 256MB (PX7900GT TDH): Sold to jith77
Bought: Originally 10th July 2006 from Delta Peripherals. Received this card via RMA on 19th August 2006.

In full working condition with all accessories and game dvds. It has the new cooler that covers the core and the memory modules.
It's a great card. You can run most dx9 game with max settings and sometimes with fsaa. One heavy disclaimer is that I had a volt-mod on it for a couple of months and had it removed coz of temperatures.

Reason for selling: OCZ 8800GTX 'n da houz :eek:hyeah:
Price: Rs.15,000 + shipping. Bought it for 19.5K
New Price: Rs. 12,000 + Shipping

2. Two sticks of 1GB Transcend DDR400 memory:
Bought: 17th June 2006 from Delta Peripherals.

It has Jetram chips. Each module comes in it's own blister pack. Been using it at 225MHz 2.5-3-3-5 1T. It can go to 240MHz stable though.

Reason for selling: Bought a C2D setup with ddr2 support.

Price: Rs.2,750 + shipping per module. I am not selling the modules seperately, at the moment at least.
New Price: Rs. 2,500 + Shipping
One ram sold. One ram module remaining.

Blurb ;) :
If you want a cheaper dx9 card, get the Leadtek 6600GT from here:
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