FS: Leadtek 7900GTX with Balance warranty

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Bought it from a friend, another six months of its 3 yrs local warranty remains, don't have the bill.
will help obtain the warranty within this period.

GPU/Memory Clock at 650/1600 MHz
512MB,256-bit GDDR3 memory interface for Hi-Res /AA/AF gaming

Leadtek - We make dreams a reality

Card is in A1 condition. Will upload pics on request.
Only local buyers please coz shipping is a pain.
Thank you for Looking
Looking to sell it for 4.2k. Comes with the component cable and DVI-VGA converter.

i shot the photos by my friend kkndka and test at my system with zebroincs nf 7050 board and c2d e2140 oc 2.6 ghz :lol:

if you are instested pm kkndka not me :p
I am got offer/pm from ajayarun.......
If this card carries one year warranty then i am interested.
Have got my pm ?
get the selling price to 6k and get ready to ship man.....it hardly takes any trouble other than the small fee:p
Karan, the new rules're mandatory;

Need the pics with the ID and date of the sale; :)

Not to offend u, else the mods may close it w/o notice;
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