FS - Logitech Cordless Controller+Fan

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Below stuff for sale as I clear out of here.

Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2

Purchased from Amazon a couple of years back. In great condition. Might look a lil dirty but that can always be cleaned up. Very sturdy controller. Has taken its fair share of falls but is still going strong. In original packaging with driver disc and manual.

Will bundle a pair of Camelion NiMH batteries for the asking price.

UV reactive Blue SATA cables. Purchased from KMD. One is still in packaging. hasn't even been opened up. 90 degree connector on one end.

Normal SATA data connector - 2Nos

Normal SATA data connector + power cable - 1 Nos

Sunon KD1208PTS2. Pushes a good amount of air at very acceptable noise levels.


Strictly no shipping. Local buyers Only.
Not open for further replies.