FS: Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Wheel.

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Selling off my Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Wheel which is over a year old. Not used for more than some 20 hours or so, the main reson being that i could not fix this properly on my table (its not a proper computer table, image), the rumble effect would pull out the board which is not fixed onto the table:mad: :mad: :mad: . Thought of selling this off rather than keeping it which requires quite some space.This is in absolute mint condition with no problems whatsoever. I've got the original bill, box & everything that came with it.

The box is really huge & heavy, shipping is not a viable option, though if someone wants i can ship it also. Shipping will be @ actuals.

Price: Rs.3000/- + Shipping.


PM me if intrested..
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rahul1059 said:
for shipping smd
it takes 600 to 800 for shipping
hmm........i got it wrong...

rahul1059 said:
Interested in buying ...sent you pm
I can give is 3.6k total for product + shipping to delhi

it's abt. + plus sign.........mybe u should provide some brackets:p

I can give is (3.6k total for product) + (shipping to delhi)
this is how i read it .
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