FS: Microsoft Wired Desktop 500 (only for Delhi buyers)

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Lots of items for sale here :)

Microsoft Wired Desktop 500

Bought less than a month back locally for Rs. 690 - comes with bill and 3 yr warranty by Microsoft India. Needed it for a couple of weeks - have no use for this now.

Only local pickups for this - Rs. 500 for a local deal.

Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Gaming Mouse - [Sold]

Brand new RMAed piece received 2 days back from Logitech US - opened only for testing and verifying contents. Has no warranty in India but is covered under Logitech US warranty till Dec, 2009. Getting a replacement in case something goes wrong is fairly simple - just ship it back to them and they send you a new piece via DHL for free :)

Don't really game now so this amazing product is wasted on me.

Rs. 2800 + shipping at actuals

Samsung E250 Phone - [SOLD]

Brand new and has less than a few hours of use on it - only used for testing the phone. Bought it for my mom but she feels it has too many features and it too complicated so its lying with me now. Had been planning to use it as a backup phone but need money now :p

Billed on 16th August, 2008 and has 1 yr national warranty ; box and all accessories included. Everything including the phone is in 100% new condition cosmetically and fully working. Also included is a 1GB microSD card (Kingston with bill and warranty) that i bought for this phone.

The phone has lots of features like mp3 and videos, bluetooth with A2DP, expandable memomy, EDGE etc. Pictures have been attached. Currently sells for Rs. 4100+tax in the market and got the memory card for 200.

Rs. 3600 + shipping at actuals

CoolerMaster Copper Chip Cooler (x2 packs) - [SOLD]

Offers by PM only - no lowballing plz. I've put down a great price since i need a fast sale. Local buyers given preference for all items. All items will have 1 week testing warranty from my side :)
I want the CoolerMaster Copper Chip Cooler(as long as the thermal tapes r in factory condition). Confirm it for me
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