FS - Nokia N82 (Black) - In Excellent Condition

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I have a 4 months used Nokia N82 for sale (Black).
Phone is in excellent condition, screen guard still in tact. comes with 2Gb MicroSD card & all other accessories including box.

Reason for sale - I have fallen in love with E71..so planning to buy one.

Bangalore buyers can personally check the phone & buy it.

Current market price - 19750/-
Expected Price - 14750/- + Shipping - SOLD

PM me if interested...
Hotstuff said:
any scratches??
absolutely no scratches on the phone but near the camera shutter the silver color is a bit shaded on the metal body...pls check the 2nd full picture in the main post
if you were only in mumbai, i'd have snapped this up!

good luck with your sale mate!
Updated the firmware to v30.0.019 (just released yesterday)...Phone much faster now & even improved Music qulity
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