FS: O2 XDA Stealth, Wifi Router, 160GB HDD, Motofone, Cooling Stuff & Battery Charger

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Lots of items for sale here :) Been out of Delhi for a couple of months so couldn't complete some of my earlier sales as well and i've decided to consolidate them all here in one thread:

CoolerMaster Copper Chip Cooler

8 Pcs. CoolerMaster Copper Chip Cooler - Got 2 of these as well.
Perfect for applying to graphics card's ram chips, mobo chips etc. - you'll be much safer overclocking/running the PC 24x7 after this No retail pack, i received these in a open condition and thats what the buyer will get. Thermal tape is already applied so its just peel and stick.
More details here!
Rs. 350 + shipping (Rs. 50) each.

O2 Stealth XDA Windows Mobile Phone/Pocket PC - [Sold]

Up for sale is my O2 Stealth Windows Mobile slider phone cum pocket pc. Its a windows mobile 5.0 (unofficial upgrade to wm 6.1 available for this on the net) device with both keypad & touchscreen, 2mp autofocus camera and wifi among other features. Full details - here!
You can read a review of this phone here!

Its a great device and much faster than most windows mobile offerings on the market due to a speedy Intel 416 Mhz proccy. Also i love the fact that it has both a keypad and a touchscreen so you can use it with one hand too. Selling this as i needed a phone that supported EDGE so upgraded.

Phone is in very good condition - no dents, scars etc. and 100% working - local buyers welcome to check it out. Screen is absolutely pristine. No bill/box/warranty as its a grey market piece. The phone itself is approximately 10 months old.

Battery holds full charge and lasts for days. Comes with charger, data cable, headset, spare stylus, manuals, CD etc. AND a new 512MB miniSD card free from my side.

Download a zip file containing lots of pics from all angles of the phone here!

Expected price - Rs. 6500 + shipping. Will ship anywhere in India at actuals but local buyers preferred.

Thermal Tape: 6 in. x 1 in (2 available) - [Sold]
Rs. 150 + shipping (Rs. 25) each.

Netgear WGR614 WiFi Router - [Sold]

Purchased in Feb. 2008 and comes with bill/box/warranty. All accessories included and the router itself is in mint condition.

Its a really nice wireless router - very easy to start using, looks great and covers my entire house with ease. Selling it as i've got myself a Wireless ADSL router so i don't have to use a separate modem + router anymore.

Expected price - Rs. 1200 + shipping. Will ship anywhere in India at actuals but local buyers preferred since its a big box and shipping charges will be high.

160GB Seagate SATA HDD - [Sold]

Brand New piece - never used and just received from RMA. In warranty till Aug 2010 - no problems whatsoever.

Expected price - Rs. 1200 + shipping. Will ship anywhere in India at actuals but local buyers preferred since i'm afraid a HDD might be damaged in shipping.

MotoFone F3 - [Sold]

Bought a few months back - don't know when exactly. No bill and have no idea if warranty is valid.

Phone itself is in pristine cosmetic + working condition - boxed with all accessories and documentation etc. Hardly used as its only been used to hold my spare sim. Good for a backup phone - very slim and stylish and belies the price itself.

Expected price - Rs. 700. Local buyers only as shipping such a lowly priced phone will turn out to be too expensive.

Uniross Charger + 2 x 2100 mAh AA Batteries - [Sold]

Uniross X-press mini Charger + 2 x 2100mAh AA batteries - brand new, not even used once - just opened to test that everything is fine. Got this for my new camera but ended up selling the camera before i could even use these. Purchased for Rs. 525 (MRP. 595). Will ship in opened retail pack along with all documentation received.

Expected price - Rs. 350 + shipping at actuals.


Offers by PM only - no lowballing plz. I've put down a great price since i need a fast sale. Local buyers given preference for all items.
Hey ill pick up the 160 gb drive..and ill take the router as well.

Edit : oops you're from delhi. I think ill pass :p
Sorry dude, dint see the price quoted above and just PMd you. Btw please clean up your PM Box cant send you anymore PMs.

Still refer to my PM and revert back as am interested :)
BUMP with a price drop on the Stealth!! Only the Stealth and Cooling Stuff left for sale now. Open to reasonable offers. . .
I can open a decent additional discount to local buyers interested in the O2 Stealth :)
Interested in thermal tape- what brand is it? :)

Is it available separately or meant for the copper sinks?:huh:

I think the copper sinks have their own pre-applied thermal tape and is a 'peel off and stick' case. :p
^^ Afraid the thermal tape is more or less sold now - you interested in the chip coolers by any chance?? :p

Btw you are correct abt the chip coolers - they're peel and stick.
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