FS: Opteron 165, A8N-E, 512MB x 4 Kingston DDR Ram

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Ok, i'm hoping to pick up a new c2d based system this weekend but before i do i wanna test the waters and possibly have some potential buyers for my current componets. NOTE that all the components are in use in my current PC and are not available till i get a new one which will probably be this weekend if all goes well.

All offers by PM only. I'm currently looking to get some offers and assess if its worth getting a new rig or not since i don't wanna spend too much :)
Following components are available:

Opteron 165 processor dual-core socket 939 processor - original HSF and Box included. Purchased in Jan 2007 locally so it has quite a bit of warranty left (have lost the bill though but warranty's by serial no.).

Asus A8N-E - purchased locally in Oct 2005 so still under warranty. Should have most of the original accessories that came with it but don't have the box or bill anymore. The FAN DOES NOT work and i have disconnected its wire from the board. I bought a very good quality Panaflo fan and stuck that on top of the original fan and the temperatures are lower than that with stock one :)
Currently its winters in Delhi and no fan is needed (so i've kept the Panaflo fan aside to reduce the noise). The Board is a great for overclocking and the Opteron 165 overclocks beautifully on this board. I will throw in the Panaflo fan which alone cost be Rs. 250 recently for free.

4 x Kingston 512MB DDR ram sticks - 2 were purchased in Oct 05 and 2 were purchased in March 07. All are under warranty and i have the original blister packs for the 2 newer ones. I'll try and see if i can locate the bill for at least one of the newer ones but warranty's by serial no. anyways. All work beautifully and are matched to work in dual channel mode. Timings: 3-3-3-8. MemTest stable at 420Mhz/2.5-3-3-7/1T. Would possibly go higher but never bothered.
650 each for older ones AND 750 each for newer ones.

Buyer picks welcome and preferred. All shipping costs extra at actuals. All offers by PM Only please. I will prefer to sell the stuff as a combo and will offer some discount as a little incentive to such buyers ;)
hold all the rams...thanks...
hope im the 1st one for this :bleh: pls do post the list , will let u know by tomorrow...
Hi, I'm interested in the whole thing, will talk to u tomorrow over phone, (yeah he lives just over the street from my place..) Let's see if we can have a deal.

Hold the A8NE for me!

@HI Kniwor, you took away the mother board from Delhiboy since you are in Delhi, so here too....
i will take the 2 sticks of ram, let me know how to transfer the money :)

PM me details .....
I'm out for Processor/motherboard as the friend who was interested in this has backed out, might still want the ram though.
all PMs replied to.

a lot of interest for the ram sticks....they are in queue currently for the buyers in the same order in which they have posted unless somebody wants to pick them up locally or buy the whole thing as a combo in which case they'll get priority.
Ram sticks and the mobo is confirmed for other buyers ; will update the thread if the deal doesn't go through but as of now they are not available.

Price drop on the opty 165 - Rs. 3500 inclusive of shipping. Offers by PM only please.
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