FS: PCI-E GF 6600 GT, 128 MB, BIG, w/ balance warranty : 5 pieces

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BIG, PCI-E 6600gt, 128mb, 5 cards, purchased locally from Mumbai from Sept 05 to Feb 06. All cards come with 3 years Local warranty from date of purchase.

2000/- Mumbai Pickup, 2100/- Shipped

All cards work, no issues at all, running on standard 400 watts power supply.

No Box, will come with One DVI adapter.


Back on Sale Jan 30, 07. 3 pieces available

Pm or Post

GPUZ screenshot


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sorry for posting here,

i am gary4gar(now user name changed), i brought a RAM from you its working great, i was asking if you have any AGP cards also?

i want one:)


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Ero Sannin is genuinely interested in picking these up and will be PMing you shortly. :)
He will also call you at your office on Monday if he cannot contact you during the weekend. :p
If possible, put all of the cards on hold for him. :ashamed:


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sushantV said:
Price updates dude !

What 'update update' you keep doing pal. :p

The OP will do so when he deems it necessary or feels like it. :)
Stop spamming in Market- Please read rules for TE Market. :cool2:
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