FS: Pinnacle PCTV Stereo with FM with warranty

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PCTV PCI is a TV tuner that lets you enjoy analog TV (cable or antenna) that also lets you listen to FM and internet radio on your PC using the included remote control. Thanks to the included Pinnacle TVCenter software and remote control, you can TimeShifting and preserve with Direct-to-DVD or hard drive recording. You can record in MPEG-1 and DivX® formats. Schedule recordings using the Electronic Program Guide** or record on the fly with one-button operation. You can also listen to FM or Internet radio, play CD/DVDs and access virtually all your PC-based media files.

Watch TV with stereo sound on your PC

Works with antenna and cable TV

Control live TV with TimeShifting

Plus: Listen to stereo FM and Internet* radio
Control & Record

Easily schedule recordings to your hard drive

Infrared remote control included

Plus: DivX recording

Plus: Electronic Program Guide**

Technical Specifications

Recomended System Requirements

Windows XP (Home, Professional, or Media Center Edition 2005) Service Pack 2
Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate Edition
Intel® Pentium® 4, 1.8 GHz or equivalent AMD® Athlon® XP* 1800+ or higher
256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
UDMA/IDE hard disk (min. 5 GB free capacity)
Graphics /sound controllers with support for DirectX® 9 or higher
PCI rev. 2.3 slot
CD-ROM drive
Recording formats

MPEG-1, DivX®

TV antenna
FM radio antenna
S-Video (Mini-DIN)
IR receiver (2.5mm jack)
Composite Video (RCA, via included adaptor)
Package contents

PCI TV tuner card
Remote control including batteries
Remote control receiver cable
Adaptor Composite Video (RCA) to S-Video
CD-ROM with Pinnacle TVCenter software, drivers and documentation
Printed quick start guide

Works flawlessly with Win XP MCE and Windows Vista
LOL why do u wanna sell this card? This thing is Vista MCE compatible with just a driver update. All you need is an MCE remote.
my rig is pretty much incapable of handling this card..you really need a powerful machine to handle all the features...

on the card it says

minimum sytem requirements :

1.8ghz p4 with 512 ram

now think ?
snuggyboy said:
Would be interested in this... how should i be paying you, and also, how much would be the shipping to b'lore??

As khimera said..the deal is done with him:hap2:
It will be open again if he backs off for some reason
Thnx for your interest though:)
wil be mailing you the shipment on tuesday !

Sorry for the delay but I hav my exams running...

Will be sending it via DTDC.

Please send me your full address once more to my e mail id

Thns Khimera !

This deal is completed !
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