FS : RROD Xbox 360 with Accesories

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Zero Cool

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Dear Friends,

I have a NTSC-J Xbox 360 purchased in Jan 2008 which has been manufactured in 2007. 3 Days back the Xbox 360 went RROD on me & i have been getting the 3 Rings of Death. For me the xbox 360 has lost its charm & i wish to sell it. Not to mention i have a Quad Core Behemoth to keep me occupied in my moments of loneliness.
I know that to some the prices listed are high , but kindly drop me a PM & we can discuss terms and conditions of sale. I will also give the reason as to why some of the components are priced so high.
I will accept payment through
Cash ( Only Delhi or Gurgaon )

Wire Transfer

Demand Draft/Cheque ( Product will be shipped only after clearance )

Kindly note : i prefer that the products are sold in New Delhi or Gurgaon as the buyer can satisfy himself with the condition of the Product.

The Shipping or Courier Charges have to be borne by the customer separately .

Please drop me a P.M. if you are interested.
I would wish if no flaming was involved in this thread.
Thank You



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dont want tp spoil your sale,,
but considering your 15k Price..
check this out>>>
consoul.in - View topic - Consoul Offer
Special CONSOUL Offer !!!!
1.A xbox 360 core console
2.A wired controller
3.A component AV cable

U think wats so special abt it so here it goes.....

1.A wireless controller
2.A 20Gb Hard Disk
3.Two free games:Forza 2/Viva Pinata Bundle....
Priced at- Rs 14,999

Zero Cool

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I know what you guys are thinking about the price but let me just put it this way ....... its a very special Xbox 360 . PM me for details :)
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