FS: SAMSUNG 17inch 798mb PLUS FLAT MONITOR (2years warranty)

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want to sell 11 month old 17inch flat monitor ... because my brother is going for a Vg1930wm...

this is an awesome monitor and must say quite flat :p

everything is brilliant.. i used to envy it when i dint had my LCD :D

Link to the official product site :
SAMSUNG's Digital World - Magic Bright Monitors

check out the pics :




Price 4500 rupees only
lol.. sorry to crap ur thread.. but u can find a new one in less then wat u mentioned... .. i brought one for my cousin for 4350/-
Arihant.exe said:
^ naw MAn..!!... a brand new magic green monitor samsung 17"

can u pls post location and shop info......the price is really shocking and unbeliveable.

MODS : sorry for the OT posts. This is the last one here.
@arihant... can u please prove to me that u got it for 4300 rupees ??

that price is SHOCKIN and Unbeliveable for me toooooo.

and one more thing.... u have already crapped my thread which i really did not like.

being a steroid member i think u are aware abt the practices u shud follow to give ur piece of advice to a fellow member regarding his pricing and all @ TE market !

u cud had Pm`d me with proper source of information as well as proof !

if u fail to give info as well as the proof for ur such a comment i think u shud edit ur post.... i just called at timescomputers and it mall as well as my uncle who owns a shop there....... all gave me the price from 5600-5700......... your 4300 price seems like a dream as of now !
@hanzy.... same here i got the same priceof 5600-5700 when confirmed from times computers lamington road as well as from IT mall !

please confirm me the model number of the monitor for the price u asked for !!

this is a Samsung 798mb .. FLAT MONITOR

its current market ranges from 5600-5800....


if keany says its 4100 rupees and Arihant says 4300 rupees.
may be u both shud start a GO out of it...

it will help the community :D
Thread cleaned. No OT posts in market pls. Especially when u dont even have a clue of wat u r talking about, or cannot tell a normal CRT monitor from a Flat one. Pls treat this as a warning. Any more misleading posts and thread crapping may lead to infraction.

also.. pls gimme a number where i can contact u nd talk abt this..

whenever i called ur mobile.. it was always temp disconnected..
just made partial payment to dingemini312 as confirmed by him for this..

will receive monitor on Sunday.. hopefully...
collected the Monitor...

packaging was bit iffy.. despite claims to the contrary.. only half the thermocole liners had been placed + me got skewered on the train wid a dumb Fuxor climbing on top of my monitor box :( :(

otherwise a deal well done.. finally i have a monitor :) :)
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