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On sale is my Samsung SGH-i550w. Used for around a month now.

The mobile is in perfect physical condition, no scratches anywhere whatsoever. You will be provided all original accesories as mentioned on the box, nothing is missing or scratched/damaged etc. The mobile has perfect functionality, no issues whatsoever. I have tested the wi-fi and works great, with or without encryption WEP/WPA etc everything works flawlessly. The GPS also works perfectly, I have Garmin Navigation software installed with Garmin India map on it, and I have tried navigating around in New Delhi, works perfectly.

I will also provide a Free 1Gb Sandisk Micro SD card which did not come with the package.

I have Python installed, few dictionaries, and other useful applications etc, I can remove them when I give it to you.

You can also choose to keep or remove the GPS software Garmin and India maps that I've installed. I must inform that the phone as such does not come with any maps or navigation software. So if you turn on the GPS, it will tell you your co-ordinates and speed, nothing more, unless you install some navigation software like Garmin or Google or something.

I don't have no bill because "arun_rulezzz" won it as a prize or something. But it says manufactured May 2008, so if you take it to Samsung, you should get warranty at least till April 09 I guess.

Reason for sale: Something fancier I guess, but I like the device and will keep it if i find no buyers at the price, the price i've put up is pretty decent though.
Pics here now:










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